You don’t have to be white to be a white supremacist.

White supremacy by my definition is operating and making efforts to keep the status quo of whiteness going. Dr. Dennis Childs said that, “we cannot mistake the skin color of who enacts a white supremacist act for it not being white supremacist.” I bring this up because my school (Yes, MY school) UC San Diego has a white population >25%. This means that the rest of the student body is in someways facilitating the anti-blackness that happens on campus. To my people of color (POC) out there thats been shooting with me in the gym this isn’t a call out to you. This isn’t a call out to any individual. This is a call out the facts. This is all to the point of bringing up substantive and descriptive POC representation. Descriptive POC representation is when a person of color is in a place. This is very important and allows for much progress in society. Substantive representation is when a person, regardless of their race are in place fight for the rights of POC. This important for us to understand because if you are a POC and still perpetuating white supremacy you are no better than Don Lemon and Ben Carson. I really hope that people can take small steps to decolonizing their minds. Small steps could be having a conversation about the origin of a lot of the history. If most of the history you have is based off of American high school education please be open to new thoughts and ideas that are contradictory to those engrained facts that are written by old rich white men. I say that knowing there is a privilege I have of being in college and not having to worry about day to day survival. This is not a post of elitism but rather a post about questioning everything and everybody at all times. (I wrote this listening to Father’s Who’s Gonna Get F***** First? album)

by Andre Thompson

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