This piece is to bring visibility to the transmisogynistic violence that transwomxn of color and assigned-male-at birth, gender non-conforming femmes of color have to navigate. At first glance, it looks as though the figure is running, but it is actually painted using my body face down, dead. It highlights certain parts of my body that I fear are hypervisible when I perform my gender in certain ways and could be “the reason why the violence happened”, as some would say. It is the constant fear of being clock’ed and then my life clock no longer running. This painting is a call out to the men who want to ‘explore’ us on the DL but then reject and harm us in public. It is a call out to the gay, white men that take credit for the work of transwomxn of color and then let us die. It is a call out to mainstream feminist who exclude their trans sisters- and GNCfemmes- of color and let us die. It is a call out to end the sanctioning of state violence that keeps exploiting our bodies. How much longer will the clock keep running? How much much longer will you keep letting this happen to us? We are tired of running.

“You are not allowed to forget about us. I will not let you forget about us.”

For Trans Day of Remembrance and the fight for Trans Liberation.

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