I was ready I was apprehensive and I was scared and I was excited
After 9 months this is what we have been waiting for.

As I turned the corner and walked into the room I
stood at the foot of the bed gazing at the beautiful creature that had just been
brought into this world.

For that split second,
this slightly yellow, Jaundice colored baby had
become the sun to my sunrise,
for that moment she had become the apple of my eyes.

She was the owner of my full attention.

My younger sister has just been born
as I hold her and feel her warm flesh
She is out of the womb fresh;
Her eyes reek of innocence and her skin sparkles with
I can still see the residues of mucous.

But…I cry, I cry from both my eyes
One for the joy, one for the pain
I turn away as they begin to stain my cheeks.
Not because I am weak
But because I have realized that her future is not what
it seems, She will be reminded everyday of her enslaved

She will be seen through vision blurred by
with no visine to cure the irritation of those that see
her through red eyes
and enraged minds.

She will know that we were saved by Kings, Martin
And although she finds joy in parks now, she’ll know
we found hope in Parks, Rosa
Who sat, no I mean stood up to those that would
see her strung up to wood.

My sister will know that even though we are free,
We still scattered the trees and even today we still
suffer from Modern Day Lynchings,
But there are no longer trees and ropes,
but thoughts and words that provoke the
entanglement of our throats.

She will grow to love her brothers,
I will teach her love for her sisters
As she grows I will guide her on the path where she
knows her past.

This Little baby, My little sister, will learn, will grow
To be confident, honor her past, her history
She’ll know that she has the power to change her
future and to become anyone she wants regardless of
the history she carries in the curls of her hair, shade of her skin, and the curves of her hips

by Lexius Waltar

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